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Welcome to Astraios's new blog series!

Welcome to Astraios’s new blog series! As part of our new look, we wanted to create a way to continue the Astraios experience outside the concert hall.

Astraios believes that great classical music is something that can be enjoyed by everyone. But listening to classical music is sort of like fixing dinner with a recipe—if you’re an experienced cook, you can easily throw together something enjoyable. But if you’ve never cooked before, you could end up with something inedible and calling for takeout instead.

The same thing holds true with listening to a new piece of music. If you have no idea how the instruments work, what the composers’ intentions were, the historical implications of the time, or why the musicians chose the piece, it can be difficult to understand what in the world is happening on stage.

So we’re going to address all that in our new series! We will feature recordings from Astraios musicians and other ensembles across the US, and will cover a wide variety of music. We’ll identify key sections you should listen for and give you (hopefully) fun anecdotes to make the music approachable. It’s a music appreciation course but no tests, just great music.

If you have questions about the music, the performers, the composers, or anything in between, please send us an email to and we’ll try to answer on a future blog!

Classical music is a monumental art form, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. We’re out to show you that classical music is

Serious Music, Serious Fun

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