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Astraios's reminiscence concerts are designed for memory care patients; we perform music from the patients’ childhood or youth. This music ranges from folk songs to musical soundtracks to light classical pieces. Since music often remains with us even after we lose other memories, we find that patients who cannot normally speak can still sing the lyrics to their favorite songs, or can hum, conduct, clap, or dance.


During COVID, Astraios was given a grant to create a video library of reminiscence music that is being distributed to memory care facilities and nursing homes across the metroplex. You can view sample performances below or the complete playlist here.  (If you would prefer access to a DVD, please contact us.) We will continue to add to this playlist in the coming months and years!

"The Water is Wide"

American Folk Song

Trio in C Major

Mvt. 1 Allegro Moderato

Franz Joseph Haydn 


George Gershwin

Special thanks to First Christian Church of Plano

who donated their sanctuary for our recording session. 

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