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Welcoming everyone to great classical music.


ACM uses interactive programming to introduce people of all backgrounds and experiences to classical music. 


But what does this mean? 

At an Astraios concert, you’ll hear musicians who have trained at some of the finest institutions and performed around the world. We’ll perform works by Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach, but also include music by modern composers and even premiere brand new pieces. We promise you a performance of the highest caliber.

But there’s a twist!

We like to say we’re not your grandma’s chamber music. Our host will guide you through each concert, bringing you into the experience. You may find yourself coloring with crayons or sculpting with Playdoh, clapping with the music, or having your name spelled out in musical notation. But the musical performance is still our highest priority. 


Why do we do this?

Classical music gets a bad rap. It’s often dismissed as boring, or stuffy, or snobby. We here at Astraios believe nothing could be further from the truth!


Our goal is to show you the details of classical music, whether it’s how a composer structured a piece of music, how an instrument creates a sound, or how our musicians put together a performance. 


We want to give you a new way to think about classical music, whether you’re attending your first concert or are a seasoned listener. We promise you an experience that is intelligent and inclusive, professional yet playful.


Our vision is an ever-expanding base of audiences who recognize, enjoy, and inspire great performances.

Serious Music, Serious Fun

Astraios Chamber Music is a proud member of:   

As a National Guild member, Astraios Chamber Music is committed to ensuring all people have opportunities to maximize their creative potential.


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