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What's in a name?

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

We get it. "Astraios" is a goofy word. And we've heard every pronunciation in the book. AZ-trie-ohs. Az-TRAY-uhs.

As-tree-OHS. And, famously, we once received a legal document from a certain department of state spelling it A-S-T-R-E-I-E-I-O. Nope. We're not Old McDonald! Astraios was actually the father of the 4 winds in Greek mythology. Our founder, Ruth Ann (Hey! That's me!) is a flute player, so she couldn't resist. Astraios' name also translates to "Dawn of the Stars." The organization was formed right as a core group of friends were embarking on their professional careers. "Astraios" sounded like a great inspirational path!

Such a weird name does cause some problems. There's usually a pause before an unsuspecting victim tries to come up with the correct pronunciation. Some people will make up a brand new word.

It does have its advantages, though...No one can even attempt to take over our name! Plus, since it starts with an A, we're always at the beginning of any list. Host Christopher Curtis and Programming Director Michael Jones hit the streets to ask complete strangers how to pronounce our name. With coaching, everyone got there! Watch below to make sure YOU'RE saying it right!

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