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Eka & Kae Duo

We were thrilled to present Baylor University professors Eka Gogichashivili (violin) and Kae Hosoda-Ayer (piano) on November 18th. Our host, Christopher Curtis, quipped this program was "Nada but Sonata" as our musicians presented movements from sonatas by Beethoven, Brahms, Ravel, and Prokofiev.

Covering such a wide variety of composers meant a dive into music history, and we discussed how Beethoven was the central force from which later composers split. Using the diagram of a tree, we showed how Baroque and Classical composers led to Beethoven's unique style. Later in the 19th century, composers went in different directions, trying to stay true to what they believed Beethoven would have wanted. Brahms kept formal structure as his guiding principal. Wagner, however, took his inspiration from Beethoven's grand 9th symphony and worked to create huge masterpieces that combined music, theater, and drama.

Yes, this metaphor breaks down if you take it too far! Just enjoy the nice cartoon of a tree.

Eka and Kae also explained some differences in the evolution of their instruments. If you didn't catch it live, you can watch a short video from our concert here, which also includes their performance of "Blues" from Ravel's Violin Sonata. You can also see more pictures from the concert on our Facebook page.

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